Class of "23 Graduation Plan

High School Graduation May 2023

DRAFT - This plan has not been approver and is intended for planning only  -  DRAFT


The graduation ceremony for the 2023 senior class of Pickett County high school will take place on May 12, at 7:00 p.m. in the high school gym.  Family members, friends, and the public are invited to help us celebrate this joyous occasion.  To ensure a dignified ceremony, we ask for everyone’s cooperation by following the guidelines set forth in the plan below.

Key parts of the plan.

  1.       Graduating seniors will arrive before 6:00 PM and report to the school library. Seniors should use the senior parking lot.   Seniors are allowed to invite as many guests as they would like. 
  2.       As other family members arrive they can enter the gym starting at 6:00 PM. Wearing of a mask is optional. 
  3.       Family groups are asked to arrive together so that they can be seated together. There will be a marked off area on each side of the gym for immediate family members of the seniors. 
  4.       Staff members will assist our guest into the gym to be seated.
  5.       With the exception of the family member seating area, the gym will be filled from front to rear. Guest are asked to remain seated until time to leave. 
  6.       No one is allowed out of their seat to take pictures. Two professional photographers will be taking pictures.  Those pictures will be posted on- line for families to download free of charge.  Seniors will be provided a flash drive with the ceremony and pictures on it. At 7:00 or shortly thereafter, the seniors will file into the gym and be seated. 
  7. The ceremony will progress, in general terms, as follows:
    1.       National Anthem
    2.       Opening remarks
    3.       Valedictorian speech
    4.       Salutatorian speech
    5.       Historian speech
    6.       Class president speech
    7.       Confer diplomas
    8.       Closing remarks
  8.       Seniors file out of the gym and go back to the library.
  9.       After the ceremony, please stay seated, staff members will direct groups out of the gym.

Please help us celebrate this occasion and make it memorable for them.